Independent Advisor Group 2023 Q4 Review

Leonard Borcky |

Independent Advisor Group was proud to finish our first year with the new management team with great success.  The organization achieved new high water marks in both Asset Under Management ($1.8 Billion) and Revenue ($12 Million).  Much of this success came organically from our existing Advisor force as they were able to grow their businesses with the continued support from IAG.  We were also pleased to add two new Advisors to the group - Jay Falcone from Seymour, CT and Larry Rosenberg from Broomall, PA.  We look forward to welcoming more Advisors and their teams to the group in 2024.  As always, we completed our year with our annual meeting in Atlantic City where we met with all of our business partners for a day of education, success-sharing, and camaraderie at the fabulous Ocean Casino Resort.